IRS Form 1040EZ e-Filing Services

Are you looking for an easy, secure, and convenient way to e-file your 1040EZ tax form this year? is providing the e-Filing services you need to fill out your 1040EZ form online and send it to the IRS immediately. We have been serving US taxpayers for a decade now and are trusted partners of the IRS.

What is the 1040EZ Tax Form?

The IRS 1040EZ tax form is the simplest of the 1040 individual tax forms, having around 14 lines of required information. In order to file this form, your tax situation needs to be very simple. You can file singly or married filing jointly if you meet the following requirements:

You must not have any dependents;

  • Your taxable income must be under $100,000;
  • You can only claim the EIC tax credit;
  • You can’t have any adjustments to your income;
  • Y your taxable interest can’t be over $1,500; and,
  • Your income must only include tips, salaries, wages, taxable fellowship grants or scholarships, Alaska Permanent Funds dividends, or unemployment compensation.

Why 1040EZ Filing Online is Important

The IRS has placed an emphasis on e-Filing 1040EZ tax forms in an effort to conserve paper and protect our environment. To provide some insight into the problem, in 2016, 20.7 million 1040EZ paper forms were filed. The number of paper 1040EZ tax forms has significantly decreased since 2010 when 45.7 1040EZ tax forms were paper filed. The IRS has strongly encouraged this trend.

Reference: prior-year- filing-season- statistics. is designed to help reduce the number of paper tax filings to support the green revolution while also making tax filing easier.

Benefits to e-Filing with

Gone are the days of filing your taxes with a pencil and paper, struggling to understand the tax forms. These days, doing your taxes online make the filing process not only easier, but safer and quicker than filing manually. The IRS now encourages you to file electronically. If you qualify to file your 1040EZ electronically, makes the process much easier because our forms are simpler and user friendly.’s 1040EZ application will deliver your tax filing information quickly and securely to the IRS for an affordable price.

Data security is a priority for You trust us with some of your most personal and important information. We take that responsibility very seriously. We are committed to protecting your personal data from unauthorized access. We have implemented a financial industry/banking level 128-bit encryption throughout ETAX1040s.comwhich is in compliance with IRS regulations.

If you have any questions throughout the filing process, offers live chat support to assist you when submitting required information and to answer any questions. The 1040EZ Form filing due date is the 17th of April 2018

There are many benefits to filing your taxes online. Filing your taxes with has never been easier.

Save Money

There are millions of taxpayers who will file simple tax returns. Many of them are spending valuable time and money preparing their taxes themselves or having their taxes prepared by a tax professional. With, you can now prepare your taxes faster, easier, and more accurately for only $9.99. Save hundreds of dollars by filing your taxes yourself using

File from anywhere

Filing your taxes online will not only save you time and money, but you can conveniently do your taxes anywhere. allows you to file your taxes on-the-go within minutes using your computer or smart phone.

Tracks and Organizes Your Records

When filing taxes online, you are creating an electronic record of your filings for use in the future. If there are any questions regarding your tax forms or returns from the current or previous years, you will have easy access to your previous filings without having to dig through old paper files. keeps all of your information in one centralized location.

Bigger Refunds

Filing online can mean a bigger refund from the IRS. Most people find that filing their taxes online gives them more of a chance to find, and take advantage of, more tax credits and deductions. ETAX1040s helps its users receive larger returns by utilizing our software to automatically find and calculate any credits and deductions that you may qualify for. In turn, you may receive a larger tax refund or owe less money to the IRS.

Higher Accuracy

Using software allows for there to be 100% accuracy when filing your 1040EZ forms. We offer step by step instructions for your filings and remove much of the guess work out of the tax return process. Our top of the line software has been engineered to complete the complicated tax calculations for you. offers a step by step guide that helps you fill out your tax forms and not lose a penny doing so.

Faster Refund

If you’re owed a tax refund from the IRS, filing online ensures that you will receive your money as soon as possible. Filing your taxes via allows you to receive your refund within a three (3) week period or less by if you select the “Direct Deposit” option. Your tax refund will be deposited into your account as soon as it is made available.

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