IRS Form 1040EZ Efiling Services

Are you looking for an easy, secure, and convenient way to e-file your 1040EZ tax form this year? is providing the efiling services you need to fill out your 1040EZ form online and send it to the IRS immediately. We have been serving US taxpayers for a decade now and are trusted partners of the IRS.

What is 1040EZ Form?

The IRS 1040EZ form is the most basic of the 1040 forms, having only 14 lines of required information. Being so, in order to file this form, your tax situation needs to be very simple. You can file singly or jointly as long as you meet the following requirements. You must not have any dependents, your taxable income has to be under $100,000, you can only claim the EIC tax credit, you can’t have any adjustments to your income, your taxable interest can’t be over $1,500, and your income must only include tips, salaries, wages, taxable fellowship grants or scholarships, Alaska Permanent Funds dividends, or unemployment compensation.

Why 1040EZ Filing Online is Important?

The IRS has placed a recommendation on e-filing 1040EZ tax forms in an effort to conserve paper and protect our environment. Just for a glimpse into the problem, in 2009, 32 million 1040EZ paper forms were filed. ETAX1040s is designed to help reduce the paper filing process to support the green revolution while also making tax filing easier for US citizens.

Benefits to E-Filing with

If you meet form 1040EZ instructions then qualified to use the 1040EZ, filing your taxes can be a breeze with! You simply register with us, log in, enter your tax information, make the payment, and submit your 1040EZ form. Etax1040s prices are affordable and you can trust your information will be securely transmitted right away. Data security is a priority for our company, thus we have implemented financial industry/banking level 128-bit encryption on our site which is alignment with Federal IRS regulations. You can rest assured that your 1040EZ form will be promptly delivered to the IRS, while keeping your information private. If you have any questions throughout the process, we also offer live chat support to assist and answer any questions. 1040EZ Form Due Date is 18th of April, 2017.

This form is due by the 18th of
April, 2017. E-file with us & securely transmit your 1040EZ form today!

Get the Support You Need

Do you still have questions about filing form 1040EZ? Not to worry, ETAX1040EZ provides free live chat support to answer any concerns you have. We are committed to delivering a seamless E-filing experience to make tax time as stress-free as possible.

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